Welcoming people, the influential culture and history, the gorgeous and varied landscape, the vibrant and essential cities, and of course the cuisine, all blend into a one-of-a-kind experience. France is referred to as l-Hexagone due to its shape, and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the English Channel, the North Sea and on the east by the Rhine River. The country boasts extraordinarily diverse and beautiful terrain from rolling hills and lavender fields in Provence, majestic Alps in Bordeaux, and a wind-swept coast in Brittany to the west and balmy luxuriousness of palm trees and warm sun in the Riviera down south. Planning your France honeymoon may seem exorbitant. After all, this land has the best in fine wine, strong cheese, exquisite breads, extravagant chateaus, fantastic architecture and attractions as unique as they are breathtaking. And don’t forget the cafes and bistros, museums and gardens…all inspiring the sublime essence of romance in France. 

And a visit to the city of Monaco, that is picturesquely built on the rocks which juts out of the sea and drops perpendicularly on the waves below on almost all the sides



Start with the love you have for your new bride or groom and everything else will fall into place. No matter where you go in France or what you choose to do, there is not a city or district or location in the country that doesn’t radiate beauty and romance. Feel the fresh mountain air in the French Alps. Ride horses together in Normandy. Let the warm sun soothe you both in Côte d'Azur. Escape to the coast in southern Brittany. Visit a cozy hideaway in Provence. The to-do list is endless!

• Take the Champagne Road, Champagne and honeymoons are the perfect combination. While in France, take your love of the bubbly beverage on the road in the Route du Champagne, an incredible tour of some of the most famous Champagne houses of France. 

• Party during the festival time in Nice. From mid-February to early March, Nice's Carnaval takes place in the French Riviera. The streets come alive with revelers and colorful excitement that culminates in a tremendous bonfire. If you are traveling at this time, the Mardi-Gras Carnaval de Nice is a unique and unforgettable experience.

• Stroll through the streets of Paris. The City of Lights is brimming with beauty and mystique that makes the simple act of aimless wandering a sensational event. Take advantage of this most magical of cities by exploring it at your own pace because you don’t need a perfect destination to know when you’ve reached one.

• Culture in the Museums of the Riviera, Provence. Amid southern Provence’s wonderful architecture, fabulous meals and soul-satisfying sunbathing, exceptional museums are scattered about with windows into the minds of some of the most creative artists of all time. From Cezanne to Matisse and Picasso, these modern art museums and studios hold works of master artists that can add a thought-provoking dimension to your time in Nice, St-Paul-de-Vence or St-Tropez.

• Discover your inner gourmand with exceptional dining, is at the very heart of all things French and something the people of France take quite seriously. With recipes as old as the Alps and ingredients that are seasonal fresh, you’ll find memorable meals at the finest restaurants as well as the most casual bistros so get out there and explore!

• Spend time in Loire valley, called as the Garden of France, Vallee de la Loire is overflowing with fertile lands of vineyards, fruit orchards and cherry fields which line the banks of the river. A short detour here winding among the numerous beautiful châteaux and forests brings you to the France of yesteryear where gallant knights and proud kings held court.

• Discover the novel pleasure of shopping, Paris. Along the Right Bank of the Seine many of Paris’s most glamorous boutiques are located, showcasing the biggest names in fashion from Coco Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent. It’s only natural then to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon in style with a shopping spree in Paris!


Best time to visit: Paris is probably most pleasant to visit in the spring from April to June or in the fall from September to November, but it is also lovely during December, when the city is all lit up with Christmas lights.  Some honeymooners like France when it sizzles and some like it when it drizzles, so choose your time of romance in France.


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