Romantic Italy seems to beckon lovers of all ages. Its magical countryside offers the perfect conditions for a romantic honeymoon. 3000 years of history, culture and cuisine have combined to create an atmosphere of fabulous food, subdued music, charming villages, winding lanes, intimate hotels, and a warm and enthusiastic reception wherever you go.

Those seeking sun and sand should head to the dramatic cliffs of the Amalfi Coast and the sun soaked island of Capri. Venice is magical with its misty and quiet canals, elegant architecture, spacious cafés around every corner, and classical music softly floating from St. Mark’s Square. A walk along Bellagio’s lakeside promenade on the shores of Lake Como will transport you through cobblestone streets and lush, sunny gardens. The breathtaking architecture of Rome is unforgettable, and the streets of Florence are a veritable trove of artistic masterpieces. Italy! Certainly a lifetime sojourn. 




• St. Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, the world’s smallest sovereign independent state, where you will find Michelangelo’s masterful sculpture, the Pietà

• Stop by the Sistine Chapel to see the frescoes that were the result of 4 years of Michelangelo’s labor.

• Rome’s Colosseum remains the greatest architectural legacy of ancient Rome. 

• Visit The Pantheon, considered an architectural wonder due to its perfect dome.

• Stop by the Trevi Fountain and throw a coin in as you make a wish!



No visit to Florence would be complete without seeing the following sights:

• Michelangelo’s masterpiece David in the Galleria dell’Accademia

• Uffizi Gallery- bursting with paintings and sculptures, you won’t want to skip the Uffizi, particularly Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” and “Primavera”.

• Il Duomo- one of the world’s largest churches. It is well worth the 463-step climb to the top for the panoramic views of Florence below.

• Il Ponte Vecchio (The Old Bridge)- the last remaining medieval bridge spanning the Arno River, it is famous for its goldsmith and jewelry shops.



• Piazza San Marco: St. Mark’s Square was the heart of Venice in its heyday as a seafaring City. Now it is traffic free, and visited by Venetians, tourists and pigeons, throughout the day. Sit, relax and sip an espresso as you indulge in an Italian tradition of coffee and people watching.

• The Grand Canal: Take a romantic gondola ride down Venice’s Grand Canal and enjoy the Gothic palaces and historic churches that line the way.

Amalfi Coast 

• The dramatic island of Capri offers sweeping views, narrow winding streets, and white washed villas. The rugged landscape makes for few sandy beaches; therefore you must pay to visit the swimming beaches. Charter a boat from Capri to a breathtaking and romantic cavern whose refracted light creates a stunning blue effect.

• A visit to Pompeii from the Amalfi Coast is well worth a day trip. Life 19 centuries ago comes to life thanks to the city ruined by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The most elegant ancient villas that are not to be missed are the House of the Vettii, with its courtyard, paintings and fresco-decorated dining room, and the House of the Mysteries.


Bellaggio-The Lake District:

• Explore one of the prettiest towns in Europe by venturing into the village’s crooked, often steep, cobblestone streets. Wander along the lake shore which blossoms with flowering shrubbery, or soak up the sun’s warmth on the Bellagio Lido beach.

• Car ferries sail across the lake to Cadenabbia on Lake Como’s western shore, where you will find Villa Carlotta, famous for its serene gardens, bursting with exotic, fragrant flowers.


Best time to visit: From April to June and late September to October are the best months for traveling in Italy -- temperatures are usually mild and the crowds aren't quite so intense. Starting in mid-June, the summer rush really picks up, and from July to mid-September the country teems with visitors.

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